CHOUETTE is an open source software mainly financed by the French Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development, Transport and Housing (MEDDTL). Its main purpose is to capture and exchange data, describing the scheduled timetables of public transport networks, in accordance with a standard exchange formats and profiles (NeTEx, NEPTUNE and GTFS). CHOUETTE is complemented by IRYS for SIRI based real-time information.

This software is particularly addressing Transport management Authorities, public transport Operators and their contractors, in order to facilitate the implementation of multimodal traveller information systems, and is also dedicated to engineering consulting and industrial firms, as well as researchers, so  as they can integrate it in their own applications.

This website and the Chouette software are maintained by means of a contract of maintenance and support of the public transport data standard related tools, signed by the CERTU (Centre for Studies on Urban Planning, Transportation and Public Facilities) and transferred to AFIMB (French Agency for Multimodal Information and Ticketing), with the technical assistance of CETE Méditerranée.

On this website, you will find :

  • a general presentation of this software in the specific context of standardization of public transport information, as well as other support documentation,
  • a presentation of the exchange profile NEPTUNE, GTFS ecxhanges and the new (under implementation) NeTEx profiles,
  • a presentation of the data validation tools, and examples of data set,
  • a presentation of the data conversion tools (from any supported format to any other one),
  • a presentation of the Chouette software allowing you to access all useful information (documentation, source code, virtual machine…),
  • the possibility to access to a demonstration version of the software, and a SaaS to open your account allowing you to enter and exchange your data, to access to the documentation and to the sources of the software, and  to the validation tools of your information data,
  • a presentation of the exchange profile SIRI for real-time information, and an access to the SIRI demonstrator,
  • the possibility to ask technical or general questions and to express your opinion about forthcoming evolutions of the software.

Please contact us for any question!

Presentation of Chouette

Chouette is an open source software developed by the French Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development, Transports and Housing (MEDDTL). Its main purpose is to facilitate public transport theoretical information exchange, using the Neptune Standard (NFP 99506), GTFS and NeTEx. This software is particularly addressing Transport management Authorities, public transport Operators and their contractors (engineering consulting or service providers). However it also addressing others State services, software developers, information service providers as well as researchers.
The main functionalities of this software are :
– to validate data according to XML/Neptune, GTFS and NeTEx format (Netex implemnentation is currently ongoing),
– to visualise, import/export/convert, manage and update data related to public transport offer.
Chouette will be adapted to new Europen Standards  : an import/export function from/to the NeTEx profile for schedules PT offer has been developed for version 2.0.3 and is curently being largely enhanced.
Target users are public authority, transport operators, service provider, consultant, researchers, …
This software can be used in multiple ways:
– as a web application freely hosted on this website
– as a web application to be installed on your servor
– as a virtual machine to be installed on your computer
(for developpers)
– as a command line (shell)
– in Ruby
– as a re-usable Java library
All materials on this project are available on this website www.chouette.mobi !

Demonstration Site

If you want to discover or to test the software CHOUETTE, you can use the demonstration version whose data set is reset every night (therefore you can modify, create, delete data… but your whole work will be deleted next morning !).
To access the demonstration site, please click here.

Standards portal

This unofficial website is describing (in French only) standardisation activities relating to public transport data and information, and makes available latest available materials on standards such as Transmodel, IFOPT, NEPTUNE SIRI, et NeTEx.

This website, launched in June 2011, has been developed by the CERTU, CETE Méditerranée and their contractors. Its contents will be improved progressively.

Link to the Standards Portal