What is SIRI ?

SIRI (Service Interface for Real time Information) is a European standard made of 5 parts which define an exchange protocol for public transport real-time information (in XML format). SIRI is based on Transmodel.
A national exchange profile has been released by the French standardization body AFNOR/BNTRA/CN03/GT7.
Real-time information is linked to timetable information: CHOUETTE can feed an operating and passenger information support system (SAEIV) with timetable information. Moreover he European standard NETEX is designed to be consistent with SIRI.
The French ministry of transport (AFIMB) supports the standard and the maintenance of open source software using the SIRI standard. Currently the IRYS application implements SIRI V1, is available as a client and as a server, and used for the online demo  ; also a SIRI v2 client (validator) and a SIRI Lite adapter have been implemented.


IRYS is an open source software implementing the SIRI specifications (for the French local agreement), supported by AFIMB (ministry of transport).
If you want to observe how SIRI works, visit the IRYS demo.


SIRI-validator is a test Client which manages request/response and subscription modes for the SIRI V2 services CheckStatus, Discovery, StopMonitoring, VehicleMonitoring, EstimatedTimetable, GeneralMessage, ProductionTimetable, and validates conformity of exchanged data with respect to SIRI XSD Schema.

SIRI Lite adapter

SIRI-Lite adapter enables to dialog with a SIRI V2 (SOAP) server via SIRI Lite (REST) requests/responses.


SIRI related documentation comprises a Presentation of the demonstrator, Installation and use instructions guidelines for the server, validation client and SIRI Lite adapter.
If you are a developer and you would like to study how it works, here is the source code: https://github.com/afimb/irys
You can also install a pre-compiled version of the client (or of the servor). All you need is available here.

Standards portal

This unofficial website is describing (in French only) standardisation activities relating to public transport data and information, and makes available latest available materials on standards such as Transmodel, IFOPT, NEPTUNE SIRI, et NeTEx.

This website, launched in June 2011, has been developed by CEREMA and the Chouette/Irys team. Its contents will be improved progressively.

Link to the Standards Portal